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Crop Biotech Update

Arabidopsis Leucine-Rich Repeat Extensin (LRX) Vital in Cell Wall Development

June 24, 2015

Leucine-rich repeat extensins (LRXs) are extracellular proteins with an N-terminal leucine-rich repeat (LRR) and a C-terminal extensin domain. Previous studies on Arabidopsis thaliana root hairs reveal that LRX proteins are important for cell wall development. However, their importance of LRX proteins in non-root hair cells and the effect of mutations in LRX genes remain unclear.

Three members of the LRX family of Arabidopsis, LRX3, LRX4, and LRX5, were found to be expressed in aerial organs, such as leaves and stem. Mutations in these genes resulted in growth retardation which increases in double and triple mutants. This suggests that the three genes have similar function. Analysis of cell wall composition of mutants revealed changes to cell wall polysaccharides.

LRX3, LRX4, and LRX5, and most likely LRX proteins in general, are important for cell wall development. Due to the complex changes in cell wall structures in the lrx mutants, the exact function of LRX proteins remains to be determined.

For more information, read the full article on BMC Plant Biology.