Crop Biotech Update

Relative Expression of Xa7 Controls Bacterial Leaf Blight Resistance

April 10, 2013

Scientist Dwinita Wikan Utami from the Indonesian Center for Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Resources Research and Development and colleagues conducted a study to validate the functionality of a bacterial leaf blight (BLB) resistance gene variant (Xa7) on different candidate rice germplasms. The research team used expression analysis through real time RT-PCR and field evaluation.

Results showed that two progenies lines from double crosses with chosen landraces were more resistant to a major Indonesian BLB strain. Sequencing revealed production of 60 amino acids similarity with encoding gene related to defense system to biotic stress. Through association test, the functional marker for the Xa7 gene was validated for broader application to BLB resistance evaluation on rice germplasm.

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