Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2011

ISAAA Brief 43-2011

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Description: Global adoption of biotech crop technology continues at unprecedented rates. During 2011, an additional 12 million hectares were planted representing an annual growth rate of 8 percent over 2010, according to Clive James author of the annual biotech crop report released today by ISAAA.
Author: Clive James
Sponsor(s): Fondazione Bussolera-Branca, Italy, Ibercaja, Spain, ISAAA
Published by: ISAAA
Copyright: ISAAA
Correct citation: James, Clive. 2011. Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2011. ISAAA Brief No. 43. ISAAA: Ithaca, NY.
ISBN: 978-1-892456-52-4
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