Crop Biotech Update

Gene Editing Produces Non-Browning Avocado

June 14, 2023

Researchers from the California-based GreenVenus LLC biotechnology company successfully modified a crucial gene associated in the browning of avocado flesh. The new trait is expected to extend the shelf life of the gene-edited avocado thereby reducing food waste without sacrificing good taste and nutritional content.

Avocado has a natural enzymatic process that makes its flesh turn brown when exposed to air. Brown avocado flesh is often unappealing to consumers and fruits that are not bought immediately or mishandled during distribution end up being discarded. To address this, GreenVenus researchers used CRISPR gene editing tool to knock-out the polyphenol oxidase gene of the avocado to produce several lines with enhanced resistance to browning.

Browning-resistant avocados are expected to provide farmers and distributors with extended windows of time for selling the fruit, which reduces economic losses while helping mitigate the country's food waste problem. The scientific advancement also contributes supporting data for further advancement of global crop improvement research.

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