Crop Biotech Update

American Petrol Pipeline, the First Major Ethanol Pipeline

April 25, 2008
The Central Florida Pipeline (owned by American energy company, Kinder Morgan) is a 104-mile long pipeline which runs between the Port of Tampa and Orlando Airport. It has been transporting gasoline since 1965. Recently, it is being retrofitted to transport denatured alcohol by the end of this year, and is set to become the first national ethanol pipeline in the United States. Company spokesman Joe Hiller said that gaskets, seals and other components in the petrol pipeline are being replaced with “ethanol-compatible parts”. A test ethanol run is set to flow by the third or fourth quarter of this year. According to the “Ethanol Business” website, “the booming US ethanol industry is watching the project closely”. Since the shipping of ethanol by pipeline would be cheaper than shipping by train or truck. A successful ethanol run “could lead to a boom in ethanol pipeline projects nationwide”..