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Experts Report Gene Editing Breakthrough in Maize

June 13, 2024

Researchers from China Agricultural University and Origin Agritech optimized maize's leaf angles at different canopy layers to boost yield through gene editing. Their findings, published in Nature, provide insight into improving maize yield and revolutionizing maize cultivation.

According to Origin Agritech, the method is the world's first efficient genetic transformation system for maize induction line Hi3. The system is designed for rapid editing of maize lines. This method also enables accurate modifications in maize lines within one year, saving 3 to 4 years in maize breeding.

“We are excited about the potential applications of this technology in commercial agriculture. By leveraging our genetic transformation system, we can accelerate the development of high-yield maize varieties, contributing to global food security and advancing sustainable farming practices,” said Dr. Gengchen Han, Chairman and CEO of Origin Agritech.

The gene-edited maize is expected to be on the market in 1 to 2 years.

Read more from Origin Agritech and Nature.

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