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Crop Biotech Update

Nigerian Company Produces Biofuel Gel for Cookstoves

November 13, 2013
News article:

Nigeria-based company Green Energy & Biofuels is producing biofuel gel from saw dust and water hyacinths for use in cooking stoves in both Nigeria and Ghana.

The company is converting waste from saw dust and water hyacinths into clean-burning fuels designed specifically for cooking stoves, as part of its initiative to reduce dangerous smoke and gases from homes. Indoor air pollution kills some hundred thousand women every year in Nigeria, so the company engages women in the project. The project also seeks to address the impact of burning saw dust from dump sites, which produces pollutants to the environment.

The company says that already 200,000 households are using the clean cookstoves and it plans to expand into the rest of West Africa, including Cameroon and Togo where initial expansion is taking place. The company also provides solar lighting for households.