FAO: Food Prices Still High in Poor Countries 
Biotechnology Research in the CGIAR 

African Women in Agricultural Research and Development Fellows 
USDA Identifies Factors that Stalled Biotech Crop Commercialization in Egypt 
Biotech Information Core Facility in Nigeria 

USDA, DOE Award USD 6.3 M for Functional Genomics and Bioenergy Research 
Canada and the Netherlands Sign Canola Research Pact 
Researchers Develop Microchip that can Measure Real-Time Water Stress 
Dow, Monsanto Get U.S., Canadian Nods for SmartStax 

Asia and the Pacific
ASFARNET - Philippines Declares Commitment to Support Agri-Biotechnology 
Bangladesh Science Minister: Strengthen Biotech Research 
Bayer and CSIRO Team up on Wheat Research 
Devgen and Sang Hyang Seri Enter Hybrid Rice Collaboration 

EFSA’s Opinions on Monsanto and Syngenta’s GM Maize Applications 
Coordination and Cooperation in Early Adoption of GM Crops in Germany 
EuropaBio's Green Biotech Manifesto 

Researchers Publish Cucumber Genetic Map 
GM Rice to Combat Iron Deficiency 
Silencing a Gene can Make Tomatoes Sweeter 

Young Researchers Seminar in Montpellier, France 
Regional Young Women Scientists Symposium in Malaysia 
TWAS Regional Young Scientific Conference on Food, Health and Fuel: Plants for the Future 

Document Reminders
ISAAA Brief 40 Available Online 
Literature Review on U.S. Soybean Production Systems 

Literature Review on U.S. Soybean Production Systems

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology has released a comprehensive literature review that evaluates U.S. soybean production systems currently in use with respect to their environmental and economic sustainability. It documents the ecological and economic implications of U.S. soybean production in conventional, transgenic (biotech), and organic production systems. Sustainability of U.S. Soybean Production: Conventional, Transgenic, and Organic Systems defines sustainable agriculture and evaluates its implications in the production of U.S. soybeans.

Visit for more information.


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