Novozymes Launches Second Generation Enzymes for Cellulose Ethanol Production

Danish biotechnology solutions provider, Novozymes, recently launched two of its latest class of enzymes designed to further improve the cost competitiveness of cellulose ethanol production. The first enzyme (called "CellicTM CTec") is a "specially designed cellulase complex" that converts cellulose in the plant biomass to glucose (the 6-carbon sugar which is subsequently fermented to ethanol). The second enzyme (called "CellicTM HTec") is a hemicellulase which converts the hemicellulose components of the plant biomass into another fermentable 5-carbon sugar, xylose. Xylose can also be converted into ethanol by xylose-fermenting microorganisms. The cellulase complex is reported to be lower in cost, and can be applied to cellulose at lower dosages. The new generation enzymes are seen to "propel the cellulosic ethanol industry towards commercial viability"..

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