EFSA’s Opinion on Bayer’s GM Cotton Application

Bayer's genetically modified herbicide-tolerant cotton (GHB614) is as safe as its conventional counterpart with respect to potential effects on human and animal health and the environment. This is the conclusion of the study conducted by the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) Scientific Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms. The EFSA GMO Panel assessed Bayer's GM cotton with reference to its intended uses, which include import and processing of cotton materials and use as food and feed.

EFSA's scientific assessment includes molecular characterization of the inserted DNA and expression of the new protein, comparative analysis of agronomic traits and composition, and evaluation of the new protein and the whole food/feed with respect to nutritional quality, potential toxicity and allergenicity. The GM cotton expresses a modified maize ESPS gene that confers tolerance to glyphosate-based herbicides.

The complete scientific opinion is available at http://www.efsa.europa.eu/EFSA/efsa_locale-1178620753812_1211902368331.htm


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