Biotech Has Huge Potential to Transform Uganda's Growth, Minister Says

Uganda has a hugely untapped but promising potential of biotechnology for her growth, said Hon. Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, the country's Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations. The minister was categorical that bio-economy has greater potential to bring Uganda more money than oil.

Hon. Tumwesigye made the remarks while presiding over the Annual Biotechnology Science Awards organized by the Uganda Biotechnology and Biosafety Consortium (UBBC) on September 19, 2018. Erastus Nsubuga, UBBC's chair, echoed the minister's sentiments, saying investing in science will go a long way in supporting the development of a bio-economy.

Hans Peter Christopersen, who represented the Norwegian Ambassador at the awards, identified biotechnology as key in making agriculture more efficient and competitive. "Uganda has a very rich agricultural potential that ranges from crops to fish and animals but remains largely unexploited because of the reliance on outdated farming practices," he observed.

During the event, the most outstanding biotechnology innovators, entrepreneurs and communicators were feted for promoting biotechnology research and development in the country.

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