Chinese Researchers Complete Genome Sequencing of Wheat A Subgenome

Chinese researchers have completed sequencing the genome of the wheat A subgenome, and generated a high-quality draft of its chromosomes. The researchers generated a molecular map of seven chromosomes of the wheat A subgenome and identified 41,507 protein-coding genes, providing high-quality genomic information and a new perspective for studying genetic variation in wheat.

Cultivated wheat contains three genomes: A, B, and D. They are huge and complex, about 40 times larger than rice genomes. More than 85 percent of the genomic DNA of wheat is repetitive, making the study of its genome sequencing difficult. The researchers believe the sequencing will help improve competitiveness in the wheat industry, boost the quality and production efficiency, and safeguard food security.

Read more in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Newsroom.

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