Crop Biotech Update

Philippine Agriculture Department, IRRI Partner to Ensure Rice Self Sufficiency

December 5, 2012

The Department of Agriculture of the Philippines (DA) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) have agreed to work together for the Philippines to achieve its rice self-sufficiency target sooner than what is expected. Robert Zeigler, IRRI's Director General and DA Secretary Proceso J. Alcala have signed a memorandum of agreement for the two institutions to work together and renew their commitment towards reducing poverty and hunger by helping Filipino rice farmers to produce more rice.

The initiative will specifically focus on producing and distributing high-quality and improved rice seeds; developing varieties that are able to withstand salinity, flooding, and drought; using geographic information systems to monitor rice crops; and exploring new and modern farming systems or technologies that would help expand current areas of production.

Through the signing of the agreement, IRRI and the DA will renew their commitment and will work together toward reducing poverty and hunger, improving the health of both farmers and consumers, and ensuring food and environmental sustainability in the Philippines.

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