Brazil Opens Biogas Model Plant that Uses Three Raw Materials

Brazil's International Centre for Renewable Energy recently announced that it has inaugurated the first biogas plant in the country which will use three different raw materials.

The facility is located inside the headquarters of Itaipu Binacional, the operator of the Brazil-Paraguayan Itaipu power generating dam. It is capable of producing 4,000 cubic meters of biomethane per month. The plant can treat 10 tons of food waste, 30 tons of pruned grass, and 300,000 liters of sewage.

Aside from biomethane, the plant can also produce 300,000 liters of biofertilizer from the three raw materials. The model plant will go through a 20-month testing period. If successful, it can prove the viability of biofuel production and show municipalities that they can use solid waste to generate gas.


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