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Crop Biotech Update

Researchers to Evaluate Fuel from Recycled Plastic

August 10, 2016

A new research will test whether Plaxx, a fuel made from mixed plastic waste similar to crude oil, can be used as an alternative to crude derived fuels in industrial and marine engines. The research, funded by Innovate UK and the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, will be led by Associate Professor Farid Dailami, Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL), as well as Recycling Technologies, the developers of Plaxx.

The research will determine if Plaxx can be used efficiently in diesel engines without increasing engine wear. It will evelaute Plaxx in terms of engine performance, emissions and engine wear on different engines over a range of conditions. This research will also be of interest to waste treatment companies and packaging manufacturers as its application will help transform waste into a profitable feedstock.

Researchers will also compare the performance of the fuel with standard diesel fuel to gauge its performance. This study aims to demonstrate to producers and users that Plaxx can be a viable alternative for their industrial and marine engines.