AgriGenomics India

August  20-21 : Chandigarh, India

What: International Conference on Plant Genomics (AgriGenomics India)

Where: Hotel Shivalikview, Chandigarh, India

When: August 20-21, 2015

The conference will feature internationally renowned scientists from India and abroad as speakers. This conference will address the genomics approaches to enhance plant resistance to diseases, plant breeding, increasing yield of livestock, optimizing growth, and will discuss current and novel technologies for plant genomics.

Agenda Topics:

  • Enhancing Plant Resistance to Disease
  • Genetic Engineering to Increase Yield from Livestock
  • Genome Research in Plant Breeding
  • Genome Sequence Analysis for Crops
  • Genomics Case Studies in Plants
  • Novel Technologies for Plant Functional Genomics
  • Optimization of Growth for Food and Biofuels

For more details, visit the conference website.