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We provide answers to your questions on crop biotechnology. Download, print, and share any of our products. We also link you to other possible sites on the Internet where more information can be obtained. As the site evolves, more images and other graphic presentations will be made available as teaching materials or as visual handouts.

Pocket K

Pocket Ks are Pockets of Knowledge, packaged information on crop biotechnology products and related issues available at your fingetips.

ISAAA Briefs

Major papers reviewing current developments in international biotechnology, sustainable agriculture, and technology transfer - a means for ISAAA to share its experience

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Biotechnology: Myths and Facts


Glossary of Biotech Terms

Download: English or French

Bt Brochures

Popularized write-ups on documented benefits of Bt cotton in China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa.

Examples of Transgenic Crops

Genetically modified (GM) crops look just like their traditional counterparts, but they have been engineered to possess special characteristics that make them better.

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Communication Guidelines for a Better Understanding of Biotechnology Issues

These guides can aid scientists, journal editors, journalists, and other interest groups in enhancing public awareness and understanding of biotechnology and biotech-related issues.

(Developed by: Jose G. Burgos Group)


ISAAA has developed a series of videos in DVD and CD formats that document developing country experiences on crop biotechnology. These 12-18 minute videos can be viewed here, plus a 12-minute corporate video on ISAAA. Watch out for more upcoming ISAAA videos..

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