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Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)
The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) was established in 1983 under the Lomé Convention between the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) Group of States and the European Union Member States.
The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR)
TAIR maintains a database of genetic and molecular biology data for the model higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana . Data available from TAIR includes the complete genome sequence along with gene structure, gene product information, metabolism, gene expression, DNA and seed stocks, genome maps, genetic and physical markers, publications, and information about the Arabidopsis research community.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is dedicated to bringing innovations in health and learning to the global community.
The Delta Farm Press
Delta Farm Press provides growers and agribusiness with in-depth coverage of the region's major crops plus the legislative, environmental and regulatory issues that affect their businesses. Editorial includes marketing, research and technology updates, along with features on area farmers and agribusiness news
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
TERI was formally established in 1974 with the purpose of tackling and dealing with the immense and acute problems that mankind is likely to be faced with in the years ahead
The International Rice Genome Sequencing Project (IRGSP)
IRGSP, a consortium of publicly funded laboratories, was established in 1997 to obtain a high quality, map-based sequence of the rice genome using the cultivar Nipponbare of Oryza sativa ssp. japonica. In December 2004, the IRGSP completed the sequencing of the rice genome. The high-quality and map-based sequence of the entire genome is now available in public databases.
The New Agriculturist
Recent development in the field of agriculture
The Plant Journal
Publishing the best original research papers in all key areas of modern plant biology from the world's leading laboratories, The Plant Journal provides a dynamic forum for this ever growing international research communit
The Regional Institute
The Regional Institute was founded in The Institute was founded in 1999 as a not-for-profit organization. It provides web based solutions and publishing services for professional societies, government, not-for-profit organizations and SMEs. This website provides free public access to more than 10,000 full-text publications.
The World Vegetable Center (AVRDC)
AVRDC is the principal international center for vegetable research and development in the world. Its mission is to reduce poverty and malnutrition in developing countries through improved production and consumption of vegetables.
Theoretical and Applied Genetics
Theoretical and Applied Genetics publishes original research in all key areas of modern plant genetics, plant genomics and plant biotechnology. All work maintains a clear genetic component, with a significant impact on plant breeding. Theoretical considerations are presented in combination with new experimental data, where they indicate relevant applications in plant genetics or breeding. Emphasizing the practical, the journal focuses on research into leading crop plants and articles presenting innovative approaches.
Third World Academies (TWAS)
TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world, represents the best of science in the developing world. Its principal aim is to promote scientific capacity and excellence for sustainable development in the South.
Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS)
The Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS) is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental body based at the offices of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) in Trieste, Italy.
Tomato Expression Database
Tomato Expression Database is part of the Tomato Genome Project
Tomato Functional Genomics Database
An open-source, data resource for comparative genome analysis of tomato
Transgenic Crops: An Introduction and Resource Guide
The goal of this web site is to provide balanced information and links to other resources on the technology and issues surrounding transgenic crops (also known as genetically modified or GM crops). The site's authors are engaged in plant genetics research and teaching at Colorado State University.
Transgenic Research
Transgenic Research publishes research in transgenic higher organisms including their production, properties resulting from the transgenic state, use as experimental tools, exploitation and application, and environmental impact. The journal bridges the gap between fundamental and applied science in molecular biology and biotechnology.
TreeBASE is a relational database of phylogenetic information. It stores phylogenetic trees and the data matrices used to generate them from published research papers.
TropGENE DB – Banana
Database by CIRAD that manages genetic and genomic information about banana, including data on genetic ressources (agro-morphological data, parentages, allelic diversity), information on molecular markers, genetics maps, result of QTL analyses, data
Truth About Trade and Technology (TATT)
TATT is a nonprofit advocacy group led by American farmers and focused primarily on free trade and agricultural biotechnology. The Web site provides access to news, editorials, blogs and videos, as well as information about the World Food Prize and Global Farmer to Farmer Roundtables.
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